FLATTIP kit : secure your unloading !

AFHYMAT, a major player in equipment for industrial vehicles, is constantly innovating with a view to facilitating the activity of its customers. Its brand new “FLATTIP” conveyor belt tipper kit is a tool of formidable efficiency for the transport of raw materials and materials. It adapts to all hydraulic systems on the market and offers undeniable advantages, especially for sites that are difficult to access.

A conveyor belt system of remarkable praticality

Dumping by conveyor allows unparalleled precision in the removal of materials, asphalt, sand or rocks. The adjustable unloading speed allows a measured release adapted to every need. The system eliminates the loss of material thanks to the movement of the conveyor belt and the scraper preventing the return of it.

All manipulations can carried out from the cabin, in particular the opening and the closing of the tipper. Maintenance is facilitated by inspection hatches and simple to carry out by a single man. Note that the FLATTIP conveyor belt system can be adapted to a finisher to form a road in a single pass.

A tipper to unload safely

This is certainly the greatest strength of th system developed by AFHYMAT : the safety of men, materials and infrastructure is completely preserved. By eliminating the lifiting of the tipper, the system eliminates the risk of tipping such as that of snagging with high voltage lines, bridges and all the other infrastructures present in the work environnement.

The trucks, thanks the perfect stability thus ensured during emptying, can also unload in complete safety on steep or uneven ground. There is no need to search for a favorable angle or position : productivity is enhanced by saving time.

A system adopted by major manufacturers

To enables as many people as possible to quickly benefit from its revolutionary systeme, AFHYMAT has teamed up with several semi-trailer manufacturers to produce vehicles capable of easily accommodating the FLATTIP belt conveyornkit. The FLATTIP system is available in a semi-trailer or tipper version. It should be added that whatever the capacity of he skip acquired, the AFHYMAT FLATTIP kit can be adapted and offers complete and exemplary modularity.

The productivity gain is’nt the only benefit to be expected. The maintenance of a belt conveyor system is indeed much less expensive than a moving floor tipper for example.

Save money !

For any activity requiring the unloading of materials, the conveyor belt system is a safer, more efficient and moreover, less expensive solutin than the moving floor to purchase and maintain : there is no doubt that all savy builders will be equiping their tippers with the FLATTIP system very soon !