AFHYMAT opens an agency in the south west of France

AFHYMAT is a family business, created in 1993, specializing in the distribution and manufacture of equipment for industrial vehicles.

Presence throughout France

Renowned for it’s production of wet kits and front telescopic cylinders, AFHYMAT also designs all types of aluminium bodies for vehicles ranging from 3.5T to 7.5T. Present in France and abroad, AFHYMAT always seeks to be as close as possible to it’s customers. To establish it’s guarantee of quality, the company offers it’s services in six agencies spread throughout France and is now opening an agency in the south-west of France. The sales department will be reinforced and an assembly workshop will ensure the installation. This new service expands AFHYMAT’s local offer to meet growing demand.

With this new agency, AFHYMAT is physically present throughout France to support it’s customers towards the complete solution. This agency in the south-west offers local comfort aimed at ensuring better follow-up an additional welcome for it’s customers. Thus, customers will be able to benefit from premises where they can find parts and labour. Our sales representatives will be able to deliver advice and technical solutions throughout the territory.

Find us at Solutrans show !

Cultivating listening and advocating innovation, AFHYMAT, supported by a high-performance design office, produces all types of equipment for industrial vehicles. You can come and meet us at the SOLUTRANS show in November 2021. Alaways in a spirit of service, AFHYMAT will transform this meeting into a real bond, thanks to it’s solid spirit of quality and innovation.

In a particular context, after months of pandemic, AFHYMAT wants to give an optimistic message and a boost a dynamism to the industrial and urban vehicle sector, because it’s in adversity that we surpass ourselves. We are confident that AFHYMAT believes in and dares to invest in the future to support you in your projects.