Rigidcap solution benne caisse transport

The Rigidcap cover revolutionizes the coverage of the transport container !

When transporting materials within boxes, the problem of tarpaulin is synonymous with loss of time, difficult handling and imperfect sealing. Always at the forefront of innovation, Afhymat, a major player in equipment for industrial vehicles, offers its Rigidcap kit, which aims to facilitate the work of employees, save time during transport, and secure goods and men.

A kit to be installed on all types of boxes, already adopted by the biggest

Afhymat develops, through its environment branch, solutions dedicated to the world of recycling: repair parts for transport boxes or turnkey solutions such as its famous Pneu-box for storing used tires. The Rigidcap tarpaulin, already fitted to equipment at Paprec, Derichebourg, Suez and Véolia, follows this logic and allows, with less effort, to completely uncover a tipper in a few moments, to significantly improve the safety of the products it contains and to isolate water-sensitive materials from humidity. The installation of the kit is feasible by the customer and requires the intervention of only two people. The system can be adapted to boxes of all brands for a capacity ranging from 20 to 35m3.

A box cover with multiple advantages

The advantages of Rigidcap make it possible to protect all types of materials, with significant gains for companies and their employees :

A waterproof box cover

The system is particulary interesting for the transport of cardboard, steel, aluminium shavings or polluting waste because it’s absolutely waterproof. With Rigidcap, there’s no risk of spilling cutting oil on the ground or letting the transported material get wet. The coverage is uniform and does not leave any windage.

Exemplary modularity

The rigidcap panels adpt in length as needed, in order to offer their protection of the boxes. They are also lightweight thanks to their high-density thermoformed plastic structure.

Easy handling

One hand is enough to set up or remove the rigid tarpaulin effortlessly thanks to the telescopic striker. The cover is locked in the open position, on the side of the transport box thanks to a system of safety stops and automatic locking. Closing, by the same mechanism takes a few seconds.

Guaranteed security

The safety of the men in the first place, is preserved by these assets : they will no longer have to climb the box or a stepladder to ensure the correct installation of the tarpaulin or to remove it, and the maneuver is all the more simple as the effort required is low thanks to the lightness of the cover. The covers cannot be torn like a tarpaulin : the materials are thus protected from any attempted theft.

Respect for the environment as a highloght

Ecology is no longer to be ignored, whatever the field : Rigidcap tarpaulin has a lifespan of several years and is made of recyclable materials. No maintenance is also necessary, wich would required the use of polluting products. The rigidcap system is set to become widespread, as it meets the needs of companies transporting materials in boxes. And because innovation continues, from january 2022 find version 2.0 of the rigidcap tarpaulin, wich allows the hood to be opened from one side or the other of the skip. In the meantime, watch the video demonstration !

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