AFHYMAT, created in 1993, is an equipment supplier for industrial vehicles. Endowed with a strong hydraulic culture, he develops and manufactures products that meet the most demanding standards.

Its head office has industrial buildings with a size of 6,000 m2, equipped with modern production tools for a total area of ​​36,000 m² of land.

Today, the designer and manufacturer of equipment for industrial vehicles provides a responsive local service thanks to its 5 agencies in France and 7 abroad

AFHYMAT in a few words is :

  • An UTAC approved company
  • A company member of the French Federation of Bodywork Industry ( FFC )
  • A company labeled made in France pastedGraphic_1.png
  • A 3rd generation family business
  • A company always in search of excellence

AFHYMAT supports your projects with a service of quality and innovation. The family business is growing rapidly, based on its primary objective: to offer customers impeccable service and product quality. T

oday, the Afhymat company, with more than 140 employees, offers a full range of products and services adapted to the requirements of the professional vehicle market.

An integrated design office, specialist accompanies you on more specific needs, the support of experts on the production of custom parts in the field of hydraulic kits, dual fuel, custom tanks or even telescopic cylinders. Afhymat, a family story, the company started its activity in 1993, for almost 30 years …

History of AFHYMAT

  • Date of creation : 05/04/1993
  • From 1995 : Assembly of wet kits in our workshops for Heavy truck garages based on specifications.
  • From 1997 : Construction of premises (1,200 m²) . Study and production of a Bi-fuel system distributed to heavy truck dealers.
  • From 1998 : Creation of a design office whose task is to create accessories for the construction of industrial vehicles using 3D software (SolidWorks)
  • In 1999 : Until the end of 1999, the means of production went through national subcontracting.
  • Early 2000 : Manufacture of tipping scissor systems at the Roye site, the Made in France adventure is underway. Launch of the manufacture of aluminum tanks at the Roye site (in France)
  • In 2002 : Launch of the construction of an industrial building to produce in France (3,500 m²) intended for the manufacture of fuel tanks and tipping scissor for carrier vehicles and telescopic cylinders.
  • In 2003 : Establishment of manufacturing in this building. Hiring of a senior technician to take over the management of the manufacturing workshop in France. Study of a new bi-fuel system with the help of ANVAR, filing of a patent on the system. Development of the export market by prospecting in the countries and participation in fairs in Holland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, etc.
  • 2004 : Opening of a subsidiary in Lyon (1000 m²): distribution and assembly of wet kits.
  • 2005 : Launch of an extension for production buildings in France (+2400 m²) and for offices (trade and design office of +200 m²)
  • 2006 : Development of export structures – Hiring of commercial export and participation in various trade fairs as an exhibitor. Creation of a production workshop in China (forged mechanical parts or mounted AFHYMAT structure). A subsidiary in the Emirates (Dubai) for the sales and assembly of tanks, tipping scissors and hydraulic cylinders.
  • 2007 : Creation of an assembly and distribution site located in Metz (57)
  • 2008 : Creation of an assembly and distribution site located in Rennes (35)
  • 2010 : Creation of an assembly and distribution site located in Marseille (13)
  • 2011 : An AFHYMAT Poland subsidiary (Raciborz): sales, assembly and production
  • 2012 : A subsidiary AFHYMAT Algeria (Algiers) for trade and assembly.
  • 2013 : An AFHYMAT Morocco subsidiary (Casablanca) for trade and assembly
  • 2014 : A subsidiary AFHYMAT South Africa (Brakpan) for trade and assembly
  • 2015 : Obtaining the Innovation Awards at the Solutrans trade show for “I-tank”, our connected hydraulic kit
  • 2018 : Opening of a production line for aluminum bodies for utility vehicles up to 7.5T
  • 2019 : Relocation of the head office and storage warehouse to a larger and more modern building to meet the needs and quality requirements of our customers.
  • 2021 : Creation of an assembly and distribution site located in Toulouse (31) for the trade and assembly of wet kits and cylinders, etc.
  • 2022 : Today, AFHYMAT has more than 140 employees. Launch of the AFHYMAT showcase and e-commerce site. The E-commerce site will allow you to buy a large number of references and consult our online catalog etc.
  • 2023 : Relocation of production to a larger and more modern building.

AFHYMAT remains faithful to its guideline: Quality, service and Innovation in order to best satisfy its customers.