Since 1993, AFHYMAT has been a manufacturer of equipment for industrial vehicles, from 3.5 T light vehicles to 32 Ton heavy-duty trucks, from small to large series, advocating quality, innovation and service, from design to manufacturing. At AFHYMAT, 3500m3 are intended for the production of tanks of all kinds, ranging from hydraulic reservoirs to turnkey custom tanks. Our design office is at your disposal, submits proposals and designs your tank perfectly adapted to your vehicle. At AFHYMAT we ensure all stages from design to manufacturing.

AFHYMAT hydraulic tanks :

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with modern production tools. The automation of our workshop allows us to ensure excellent productivity while guaranteeing constant quality. We are able to respond to all your requests thanks to our 3D/2D design tools, for the unit or series tank. We also carry out installations on vehicles thanks to our technical teams on the French and export markets. Proximity and our partnerships with vehicle manufacturers allow us to produce hydraulic tanks with original shapes that optimize space on the vehicle and ease of assembly.

 Mixed and fuel homologated tanks :

All AFHYMAT mixed tanks are approved by UTAC, which is none other than the laboratory designated by the French State to carry out the technical tests in order to issue the approvals. Our manufacturing concept allows us to offer you tanks with original shapes that are interchangeable with the models on the market. These tanks are specially designed to contain both a volume of oil and diesel in consistent proportions. All our tanks are tested and approved to meet European R34 standards.logo-utac-groupe - Spac Vul - Carrossier Aménageur

At AFHYMAT, we also offer a range of diesel fuel tanks for utility vehicles to increase vehicle autonomy. They are mounted in place of the original plastic tank. Each fuel tank is also subject to UTAC approval. Our tanks are adaptable to Iveco, Isuzu, Man, Mercedes, Nissan, Renault, Toyota or even Volkswagen.

In case of specific needs, you can also contact us so that we can offer you a tailor-made tank to meet your expectations.

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