Since 1993, AFHYMAT is a manufacturer of equipment for industrial vehicles, from 3.5T light vehicles to 32 Tons heavy-duty trucks, from small to large series, advocating quality, innovation and service, from design to manufacturing. AFHYMAT is committed to providing you  a complete solution and to supporting you in France and around the world.

Our experts listen to you and support you from the definition of your need to production, including the design and development of 3D-2D CAD prototypes. At the forefront of technology, AFHYMAT ensures excellent productivity in compliance with deadlines and  French standards.

Unequalled know-how in the field of wet kits 

Are you looking for wet kits for specific application ?

As an expert in wet kits, AFHYMAT provides you  complete and pre-assembled equipment with all the mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components. At the cutting edge of technology, we manufacture all our equipment using the latest generation tools that allow us to ensure quality equipment produced under the best manufacturing conditions.

Thanks to the automation and strong robotization of our production factory, we can ensure flawless productivity that guarantees you compliance with deadlines and manufacturing standards for each order. A significant guarantee, especially in the industrial environment where every hour counts and where meeting deadlines is essential. With AFHYMAT, you have the assurance of benefiting from quality equipment in the allotted time and effective on the know-how of more than 29 years in the field. A trusted partner to support you in all  projects where wet kits is needed.

Intervention at all stages of the project


1. Definition of need

A dedicated contact for your project.

AFHYMAT-kit-hydraulique-conception sur mesure

2. Design

A technical department made up of 10 people dedicated to the design of new solutions.

3. Custom made

Realization of the solution adapted to your needs.

Kit Hydraulique camion montage

4. Setup

Implementation of the solution on your vehicles, maintenance and assistance.

Some wet kits suitable for all brands of industrial vehicles


AFHYMAT references more than 3000 wet kits to respond quickly to the needs of multiple brands of industrial vehicles. AFHYMAT offers systems adapted to all vehicle brands thanks to our design office specializing in the design of wet kits. All manufacturing and research and development are based in our production site in Roye, France. On average, we create up to 5 differents wet kits per day.

Whether you are a trucks manufacturer, distributors, importers or users, we design solutions adapted to your requests. AFHYMAT has signed numerous distribution agreements with major players in the world of industrial vehicles present in Europe and around the world such as ASHOK LEYLAND, ASTRA, DAF, DONGFENG, FORD, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT, TATA, TATRA, SCANIA, VOLVO etc.

We design for you the wet kit that corresponds to your brand of vehicle and  the desired application. Thanks to our great knowledge of the world market, we cover a very wide range of possibilities and we go so far as to build your wet kit according to the specificities of your country, your region while taking into account the work habits of your customers.

Because each vehicle has technical particularities, only a call to our sales department or technical department will provide the best response to your request. Because using an AFHYMAT product is a guarantee of success in customer relationship.

Ask the advice of an expert to accompany you !

Our sales department is present to determine you needs.

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There are different types of mounting :

Our wet kits are designed for many applications. Among these we find :

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Our teams will support you in finding the solution you need.

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