Since 1993, AFHYMAT has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic tipping scissors for industrial vehicles. Our experts listen to you and support you from the definition of your need to production, including design and 3D-2D CAD development, prototyping and installation on your vehicles.

At the forefront of technology, AFHYMAT ensures excellent productivity in compliance with deadlines and manufacturing standards. AFHYMAT is committed to providing you with a complete solution and to supporting you in France and around the world.

The tipping scissors it’s AFHYMAT :

1. Quality machining

2. Robustness and quickness

3. Control and finish

4. Implanting on vehicle

AFHYMAT controls the entire tipping scissors manufacturing chain thanks to its integrated production unit. Our range of tipping scissors adapts to vehicles ranging from 1.5T to 32T rear tipping and three-way tipping without forgetting the specific customer models. The entire range of standard AFHYMAT tipping scissors is fitted with safety valves for double-acting operation.

Our cylinders are designed in high elastic limit tubing and have a long-lasting seal, our compasses adapt to any construction and are perfectly interchangeable with tippers on the market. Traceability plays an essential role in monitoring and assessing the quality of our products. We trace our products to enable rapid identification.

All our hydraulic tipping scissors are manufactured “Made in France” in our factory based in Roye. Our know-how is proven and our tipping scissors are recognized for their reliability.

We design and manufacture 2 types of hydraulic tipping scissor : 

  • The rear tipping scissor : the particularity of this model is that it allows the tipper to be tilted only backwards.
  • The three-way tipping scissor : this allows the tipper to be tilted not only backwards, but also to the sides. This model is commonly used on construction sites as it facilitates the unloading of trucks.


How to determine your type of tipping scissor ?

The type of compass is determined according to the length of the skip, its volume and the density of the product to be transported.Our sales department provides you with all the advice and follow-up you need to help you make the best choice on the entire standard range of rear tipper and three-way tipper compasses.

Each project has its own tipping scissor !

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