Our vacuum pump range are intended for professional in the mobile toilet industry and construction site toilets industry. Perfectly installed on a pick-up or utility vehicles from 3,5T to 7,5T, this range meets to your profession requirement. Our vacuum pumps are made in France with high quality materials. Thanks to our 6 French agencies and our 5 export agencies, we can support you into your choice and produce your new equipment in the shortest deadline as possible. Thanks to their aluminum construction, these products are among the lightest in the market. They can be settled on your truck without exceeding the regulatory weight limits. Even more, the wear and the tear of your vehicle will be limited. Vacuum pumps are made to match with European standards: integrated emergency stop button, safety trigger etc.…



Thanks to its unique design, the AFHYMAT Pick-up vacuum pump does not exceed the vehicle cabin and it is available for thorough cabin and simple cabin. The vacuum pump is arranged on a steel rack … and neither drilling is required on the vehicle to fix it inside. Indeed, only origin stowage ring on the vehicle are necessary for the stowage unit.



AFHYMAT purpose its vacuum pump in a thermal version with an electric start Kohler motor. The unit is autonomous and can be quickly isolate from the vehicle. Thanks to its hydraulic valve control, the suction and high-pressure cleaning functions can be used simultaneously. The standard capacity is 1130L: 765L dirty water, 365L clean water. Thanks to our design office and our production tool, we are able to design a custom-made tank with custom-made volume.



AFHYMAT offers its vacuum pump units also in PTO version. Indeed, it is the movement of the gearbox which transforms the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy thanks to the power take-off module. We manufacture and produce a whole range of power take-offs for utility vehicles and trucks in mechanical or electric version. Like the thermal version, the standard capacity is 1130L: 765L dirty water, 365L clean water.



AFHYMAT has designed for the Low Emission Zones an electro-hydraulic vacuum pump unit criterion 0. Equipped with a battery pack on sliding cart, this unit has a theoretical autonomy of one hour without recharging. Thanks to its unique design, the vacuum pump unit can be recharged by dynamo effect when the vehicle is moving or by mains plug. For more autonomy AFHYMAT proposes the option of recharging by solar panel. At the same time our unit is eligible to the PEAK noise emission criteria.

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